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Picture Lights
Add Ambience to Your Home

Picture lights can add a focal point, jazz-up areas and create drama and atmosphere. Picture lights bring out the detail and beauty of special objects and create a unique mood within a room. Accent lights can even make a room feel larger or more soothing. The play of light and shadow can transform an ordinary-looking room into a special space. Our wide selection of easy-to-install picture lights will help you add comfort and elegance to your home.

Installing picture lights is easy. All lights include mounting hardware and step-by-step directions. Installation only takes a few minutes with basic household tools to attach the mounting hardware to the picture frame or wall.
Traditional Series

This classic picture light provides complete décor compatibilty. Antique brass, polished brass, black and pewter finishes in 7", 14" and 30" widths.
Prices start at $39.95 with free shipping. See Traditional Picture Lights.
Money back guarantee.

Studio Series

A slim diameter picure light allows a touch of fashion with a sleek design. Polished brass and antique brass (shown above) finishes in 7" and 14" widths.
Prices start at $24.95 with free shipping. See Studio Picture Lights.
Money back guarantee.

  Europa Series
Let your imagination shine with this versatile accent light. This unique picture light is designed to provide a variety of functions. Easily attaches to the wall above a picture. Or, place it in on a table and shine the light up the wall to create a dramatic effect. Black, white and chrome finishes available. Extends from 10" to 24" lengths. Chrome and black are shown here.
Prices start at $59.95 with free shipping. See Europa Picture Lights.
Money back guarantee.

"No Kord" Series
An advanced cordless gallery light that uses long-lasting LED technology. Offers superior illumination. Bulbs last up to 10,000 hours, batteries last up to 50 hours. Convenient on/off switch. Includes hanging hardware. Easy to install.
Money back guarantee.


No Cord Picture Light

Prices start at $74.95 with free shipping.
See No Kord Picture Lights.

Picture Lights Design Suggestions

Highlight your favorite artwork from above or up-light a portrait from the floor.

Alter the look and feel of a room by adding lights to selected pieces such as furniture, sculptures or memorabilia.

Enhance dark-walled rooms with groupings of your favorite artwork illuminated by our versatile lights.

Backlight a sculpture to create a stunning silhouette with highlights around the edges.

Spotlight a Special Picture or Object
The Europa™ halogen lamp is adjustable and perfectly suited for adding light exactly where you need it. Halogen most closely approximates natural daylight and is considered the best artificial light for reading, writing or working on a computer. Direct the bright white beam from the Europa™ light to read your favorite book and help avoid eye strain. The mobility and unique brightness makes this picture light a must for every home.

Suggestions on Hiding the Electrical Cords
The very best way to hide cords is to hire a licensed electrician to hardwire the picture lights with a recessed outlet behind the artwork. Or, you can use outlets near pictures and hide the cords with PVC cord cover which can be painted or stained to match the walls or woodwork in the room.

You may also purchase cord covers to run the light cord to the nearest outlet provided the cord will reach. Self-adhesive backing makes cord covers easy to install. Cord covers are available at your local home improvement and hardware stores.

In addition, placing furniture in front of cords will help hide them. All of our lights are UL/CUL listed. Please make sure to follow all standard electrical and safety guidelines. If unsure, consult a licensed electrician.

Choose the Right Size Picture Light
Picture lights come in several lengths ranging from 7" to 32". Using our suggested size guide below, choose the length that will most effectively illuminate your picture. Your illumination preferences may vary; we suggest these sizes and measurements as a guide.

Frame Size:   Light Size: 
12" - 24" 7"
25" - 37" 14" - 16"
38" + 30" - 32"

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