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Art by
Thomas Kinkade

The Wind of the Spirit - 1998

Size: 23 x 32
Price: $350

Size: 29 x 41
Price: $395

Size: 33 x 47
Price: $695

Size: 18 x 27
Price: $795

Size: 24 x 36
Price: $895

Size: 28 x 42
Price: $2,100

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Kinkade - The Wind of the Spirit
The wind, too, has its work to do. The windmill harnesses the freedom of the wind—a biblical symbol for the unfettered spirit—to the ponderous purpose of the millstone. Fleecy clouds and delicate V's of geese trace the comings and goings of the wind. But only the blades of this mill harness the power of the wind to the service of man. We may not live by bread alone, but when the winds grind flour, we are nourished body and soul.
— Thomas Kinkade
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